Monday, August 19, 2013

Lovely Little Island Home

This tiny home was designed by Jessica Helgerson for her family of four. It is located on Sauvie Island in the Columbia River near Portland Oregon. This little house is a mere 540 square feet and was originally built in the yearly 1940's as a place for shipyard workers. Jessica and her husband renovated the home to include a great room, new bathroom and sleeping loft.
I really appreciate the the layout and the materials used in this home and would love to replicate some of the features in a cottage.

I love the wood paneled wall in the kitchen, also the horizontal painted paneling used throughout the house.

The built in sofas in the great room double as beds for guests.
The ladder leads to the parent's sleeping loft.

 The 'master bedroom' loft.

 The children's bedroom.

 The new roof is a green roof, planted with a variety of moss and ferns collected along the Columbia River.

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