Monday, April 20, 2015

Palm Springs

I am off to Palm Springs!
It's 100 degrees there and I am worried that I may go into some sort of shock...the winter was a killer here and to top it off it is only 46 degrees today. I don't think my fleshy, pale body can take the extreme heat. I put flip flops on for the first time after months in boots and I could barely walk. :)

We are arriving just as Coachella is ending.
We are missing all the peace, love and grooviness. 
I really wanted to see a Kardashian. ;)
I am worried I will not be dressed appropriately...I don't have a studded fanny pack or Daisy 
 Dukes or for that matter a crop top...a la Kylie and Kendall...

...but I do have a bathing suit and a new straw hat...
so, you will probably find me floating on a giant swan enjoying a fruity drink!

Also looking forward to checking out the amazing architecture...


I am a sucker for anything vintage Palm Springs.

I am off to try and stuff way too many shoes in my suitcase (all these and more)...I like to be prepared!

 Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is It Spring?

The calendar says it is officially spring, but the weather here says otherwise!
I CAN NOT believe that it is below zero today! 
I am dreaming of this...

  Easter is fast approaching and I have been thinking about how I am going to decorate my table.
I like to keep things simple. I usually start with a colour theme and then add favours for the guests and I always have fresh tulips or other spring flowers.
Here are a few ideas for inspiration...

Raid the recycling bin for jars or cans and buy doilies at the dollar store.

 Pottery Barn catalogs never disappoint.

Use a stamp to make place cards, tags and favour bags.

Use store bought cookies to decorate a simple cake
or buy tubes of icing and personalize cookies.

All you need is a little ribbon and cellophane bags.

I am definitely going to find some way to use wheat grass. I see it at most grocery stores.

I love this free printable! Find it here.
Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I bought this poncho a few weeks ago and have been wearing it constantly, I am afraid the neighbours think it is the only thing I own. It's super soft and has a more tailored fit.

I tried on a few versions of the blanket poncho, similar to the Burberry one, made famous by SJP. They were all too much on me...too bulky, too itchy, too horsey.

The last time I wore a poncho it looked something like this...Yikes!

 Have a great day everyone!

Hey Debby. You're on the right I am on the left!
Notice the school supplies!  ;)


Monday, November 17, 2014

Cottage Design

It's snowing here right now! 

I am just not ready for winter, quite yet. 
I should be thinking of practical snow related things.
Where are the shovels? 
I need snow tires!
Who's turn is it to shovel the driveway?
Where did I stash all the hats and mitts?
I can't because I am surfing the net for pretty pictures of cottages.
We are thinking of building a small cottage on a lot we have owned for a few years in Nova Scotia.
We want something affordable (cheap would be nice) and appropriate for renting out most of the time.
There is nothing I like better than coming up with plans, especially if it involves solving a problem or two.
My main goal was to incorporate everything we wanted all within a fairly small foot print.
Here's what I am thinking...

  I would love to do something a little more modern, but because it is on a private road we need to keep the exterior design in keeping with the existing cottages, some of which are 100 years old.
I came across this Portland home in the New York Times owned by Brian Faherty owner of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
I really like his use of horizontal shiplap paneling and all that barn board is amazing. Thinking I might have to steal a few ideas!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Link Loves

A few interesting food links from around the net...

Move over dark chocolate.
If you love milk chocolate, check out this article on the best brands.

The essential guide to cooking eggs.
14 different ways!

Did you know a Starbucks pumpkin scone has 480 calories? 
I will be getting my pumpkin fix with this cake, only 178 calories.

This bruschetta bar is such a great idea for a Christmas cocktail party.
Don't you love this photo?

A crisp piece of bacon inside a pancake...what? And then you dip it in maple syrup? Crazy!
Make Pancake Dippers for your next brunch.

I hate those little stickers.
I checked out the fruit and veg I had on hand and it's true.
Will definitely be avoiding 8 and 5's.
Found here.

I really need to get out my slow cooker this winter and try this
pulled pork recipe.

Have a good day everyone!