Friday, May 1, 2015

Palm Springs

A few more photos of our time in Palm Springs.

Hiking from one oasis to another in the Indian Canyons...

 The guide found a Rosy Boa snake. 

We had dinner one night at Merv Griffin's estate.

The house was built with entertaining in mind. It has 4 guest bungalows, a guest cottage and a gate house that are all available for rent.

I thought the design was really well done...notice the very subtle Moorish details throughout.

 "Sammy", "Frank" and "Dean" welcoming us to the house.

 Being serenaded by Dean Martin..complete with drink and cigarette.

 One of the round guest bungalows.

The next night we had dinner in a private dining room at The Riviera Hotel.

We spent a day touring the old Palm Springs downtown. 
Lots of interesting shops and restaurants.

 The Palm Springs Art Museum was well worth the visit.

Lots of beautiful abstract paintings.

This multimedia piece by Brian Wills was crazy.
 It is made up of thousands of rayon threads strung over wooden boxes.
Viewed straight on, the colours are mutted, from the side the colour are more vibrant.
It reminded me of a paint chip strip.

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