Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Ritz Rancho Mirage

Palm Springs was great! I really enjoyed the dry, hot air (every day was a perfect hair day) and the unique desert landscape was beautiful. We took full advantage of the constant sunshine, spending most of the day outdoors around the pool or hiking in the many canyons in the surrounding area. 
The Ritz Rancho Mirage was gorgeous. The hotel is situated on a bluff with amazing views of the mountains and the Coachella Valley. I especially loved it in the evening when the many fire pits were lit and the lights of the city below could be seen sparkling in the distance.




 View from our room of the opening night reception for our group.

 Afternoon snacks on the patio.


 View from my chair!

 Lobby roses.

 Every evening the candy bar appears!

I survived the mountain hike around the hotel!)
(Not for those afraid of heights!!)

See the cliff edge BEHIND ME!!
This is a terrible photo, but I wanted to show you
how cliffy it was. This was the beginning of the hike where the path was far from the edge...
as we went higher the path became very narrow. Shortly after this photo was taken the wind picked up and it began to thunder...I spent a few terrifying moments gripping the rock wall trying to compose myself. Seriously...the path was only 2 feet wide! On one side was the mountain on the other side was a steep drop. I kept my eyes on the trail, not once looking over the edge and 2 miles later I arrived back at the hotel...exhausted, but ALIVE!

And then, to calm my nerves I ordered the Ritz's signature cocktail...
Rosemary Lemon Aid with Champagne and Vodka!

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