Monday, April 20, 2015

Palm Springs

I am off to Palm Springs!
It's 100 degrees there and I am worried that I may go into some sort of shock...the winter was a killer here and to top it off it is only 46 degrees today. I don't think my fleshy, pale body can take the extreme heat. I put flip flops on for the first time after months in boots and I could barely walk. :)

We are arriving just as Coachella is ending.
We are missing all the peace, love and grooviness. 
I really wanted to see a Kardashian. ;)
I am worried I will not be dressed appropriately...I don't have a studded fanny pack or Daisy 
 Dukes or for that matter a crop top...a la Kylie and Kendall...

...but I do have a bathing suit and a new straw hat...
so, you will probably find me floating on a giant swan enjoying a fruity drink!

Also looking forward to checking out the amazing architecture...


I am a sucker for anything vintage Palm Springs.

I am off to try and stuff way too many shoes in my suitcase (all these and more)...I like to be prepared!

 Have a great day everyone!

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