Tuesday, December 11, 2012

At Our House

Here's a little glimpse into what is happening at our house this Christmas. I have purposely kept the decorations simple because our house is for sale and I didn't want it to look cluttered or overdone.

Having a house for sale at this time of year is both good and bad. The good news is that the house looks very pretty with twinkling lights and fresh greenery. The bad news is that you have people traipsing through for showings and open houses so the house always has to be in perfect order even with all the baking, wrapping and entertaining that goes on during December.

An offer came in that we are in the process of negotiating so hopefully we will have a sold sign out front in the next few days. I will be super relieved if all goes well as I am getting a little tired of keeping the house like a show home. If we sell I am going to go "all lazy" for a few days and leave the beds unmade, underwear on the floor and I might even do something really crazy like cook fish!!

 I love these funny little snowmen that my son bought for me a few years ago at his school Christmas shop.

 Another favourite decoration made by one of the boys. The little hat made from a newborn sock is adorable.

Turn a tube sock inside out and add about a cup of dried beans to toe and then fill with cotton batting.
Tie off top with a piece of string and hot glue on a baby sock and pom pom for hat.
Tie neck with ribbon or strip of fabric.
Glue on carrot nose made from felt and make eyes and mouth with a sharpie.
Glue on buttons.

 Family room mantle.
 The snowmen are hand made and each one is wearing a coat made from sheep's wool with cranberry buttons.

 Eating way too much sweet stuff, but mmm, these were goooood.


  1. Are those Purdy's chocolates? Delish!

    1. Yes, my first time trying them. The carmels were the best

  2. Your house looks beautiful. I'd buy it!! But I agree it can be both a good and bad thing selling a house at Christmas time. The tree and decorations make our living room look lovely but the down side is lots of piles of cards that need writing and posting, the stacks of Amazon boxes in our bedroom full of presents that need wrapping and a kitchen that doesn't seem big enough to hold all the Christmas food that we've bought!


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