Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emerald Green

The Pantone colour of the year for 2013 is Emerald green.
 I know every design blogger and their dog has already done a post about emerald green, but I just can't help putting my two cents in about the colour.

I was never a huge fan of green, but I am warming up to it; I especially like it paired with hits of black. I wrote a little bit about it here way back in the spring.

Sally Wheat Interiors.
 This is how I would use emerald green--in small doses. Anything more than this I would tire of quickly.
Emerald, black and gold are the perfect combination.

Awhile ago I noticed this table over at the CB2's site and I filed it away for future use.  I thought it was a great little piece to add a dose of green to a space. I am thinking of using it for one of the boys' bedrooms when we move to the new house.

Also fun in a family room or playroom.

 I have found a few more inspirational shots to share with you.


M Design Interiors.
  I like the little bits of green in the lamp and chair.

Sarah Richardson

Sherrill Canet

Tracery Interiors

Charm Home Design

Feathered Nest Interiors.
 Definitely a fun colour for a child's room.


I love the pairing of green and black, but way to busy for me.

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