Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Crafts for the Littles

Here are few Christmas crafts that are fun and easy to make. Have the supplies on hand for when you find yourself with a house full of kids during the Christmas break or invite another family over for a crafts and hot chocolate evening. (Wine for the adults of course!)  You can find all the detailed instructions here.

 Powdered sugar donuts on skewers with fruit leather scarves and jelly bean noses.
(this is from Pinterest)

 Paint each child's hand with white craft paint and then have them press hand around a Christmas ball. Finish off the details with more paint or Sharpie markers.

Cut strips of paper and fasten with a stapler. (who owns a grommet maker?) So simple and retro looking.  

 I love this wreath. Break tooth picks in half and use to secure gumdrops to a styrofoam wreath. Or use a cone and make a tree.

How adorable are these? Little hands can wrap the yarn and big hands can help with the details.

If you make any of these crafts or if you have a craft to share let me know, I would love to feature it here on the blog.

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