Friday, June 29, 2012

Strawberry Jam Making

I went strawberry picking last week with my brother. The weather was HOT, almost 90 degrees at 9 am! I managed to pick enough for 26 bottles of jam without passing out and I didn't even get one stain on my clothes. The farms website jokingly suggests wearing high heals and white pants! The biggest mess was created in the kitchen; making jam is a sticky business.
Here's what I did in a nut shell........

 I just follow the directions that come with the Certo brand pectin and it always turns out perfect.

Now sit back and enjoy. YUM!

 For the red labels I used this pdf from Frugal Living printed out on sticky label sheets and then I stamped the strawberry with a stamp I bought in Boston when I was about 10 years old.
The "Spread the Love" label is from here. Wouldn't these make amazing favors for a summer wedding or bridal shower?

Hope everyone has a very happy and relaxing Canada Day weekend
I am off to spend the weekend at the condo in the city; planning on exploring, seeing a movie and finding a few new restaurants-yeah no cooking! What are your plans.....


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