Monday, July 2, 2012

J. Crew Rant {The Shoe Files Part 1}

I can see now why they call J. Crew, J. Crack. It's not because the preppy/hip goodness being dealed out to us by Jenna Lyons is addictive, but because they hope only those strung out on actual crack are shopping on line or in the few Canadian stores. If we were fully in control of our faculties we would clue into the price discrepancies. Bad things happen when people get stoned; remember The Hang Over?!

I recently had to breath into a paper bag due to the fact I hyperventilated in the J. Crew store at Yorkdale in Toronto because I found these shoes on sale for $99.00, regular price $350.00. I know, a definite SCORE!! I would have bought them in the snake skin print too, but unfortunately they were out of my size.


I flew home to see my dealer (my computer) to see if I could snag a pair on line, the drug was surging though my veins and I knew I needed another pair soon, but things began going terribly wrong.

First I find out that the snake skin version is not available on line and I have a mini break down, then I decide to take a closer look at the prices. The above shoe is selling right now on the Canadian version of the
J. Crew site for $406.00 CDN. How can it be $56.00 more than the regular price in the store? (Oh and $10 shipping) Very strange. I would have been super mad if I had bought them on line and then found out they were selling for a whopping $315.00 less in store. That would such a bummer.

In my drug induced state I almost bought a few other things on line, but decided to wait until I can visit the store to make sure there are not any other price issues.

The good news is that I love the shoes and they are super comfortable!
 No, this is not a spray tan gone wrong and no, I don't usually sit around the pool in heals, it's just that I am still addicted to Instagram! I wonder what I did with all my time B.I. (before iphone)??

Stay tuned for part 2 of the shoe files--more bargains!

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