Monday, November 17, 2014

Cottage Design

It's snowing here right now! 

I am just not ready for winter, quite yet. 
I should be thinking of practical snow related things.
Where are the shovels? 
I need snow tires!
Who's turn is it to shovel the driveway?
Where did I stash all the hats and mitts?
I can't because I am surfing the net for pretty pictures of cottages.
We are thinking of building a small cottage on a lot we have owned for a few years in Nova Scotia.
We want something affordable (cheap would be nice) and appropriate for renting out most of the time.
There is nothing I like better than coming up with plans, especially if it involves solving a problem or two.
My main goal was to incorporate everything we wanted all within a fairly small foot print.
Here's what I am thinking...

  I would love to do something a little more modern, but because it is on a private road we need to keep the exterior design in keeping with the existing cottages, some of which are 100 years old.
I came across this Portland home in the New York Times owned by Brian Faherty owner of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
I really like his use of horizontal shiplap paneling and all that barn board is amazing. Thinking I might have to steal a few ideas!

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