Thursday, May 30, 2013

Modern and Feminine

I am starting a new little series called...

 Every now and then I will feature a property that will make you fall in love with tiny spaces.
If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know how much I like a pint sized space. For me nothing is more cozy and appealing from a design/living perspective than a well decorated and organized condo or apartment.
Living a paired down life can seem like you are giving up a lot, but really it can offer a whole lot of positives too. Less space is easy to clean and maintain, is usually cheaper and may also allow access to popular locations that would other wise be too expensive.

 More and more people, especially in major cities, are living in less square footage than ever before, it is not unusual to see apartments as small as 400 square feet. It's easy to live well with less if you keep a few points in mind...
  • limit visual clutter
  • buy and use only what you love
  • use clever storage ideas
  • don't be afraid of colour
  • if necessary use smaller appliances
  • use vertical storage, install kitchen cupboards to ceiling
  • large furniture can be used in moderation
  • don't use all small pieces, too much furniture looks cluttered
  • have closets fitted with custom systems to utilize every inch
  • purge often
  • consider multitasking furniture
  • use mirror to visually expand a space
  • use lucite or glass pieces
The first space I have for you incorporates the trifecta of design for me: modern, girly and sparkly!
This gorgeous Toronto condo is designed by Jessica Kelly.

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