Monday, February 11, 2013

Really "Sick" Fashion.

The plague has hit our house in a major way. All I've managed to do over the last 3 days is sleep and drug myself with various cold medications.  I am just starting to feel slightly better and have added disinfecting to my to do list. In between naps I whip out these...nothing is off limits...door knobs, remotes, keyboards...the list is long.
I know you all didn't stop by to see's not pretty.

Soooo, check out these amazing photos I stole from Andrew's site. (A shop in Toronto)
This is how I want to look all winter long! ;)
I love every one of these looks.

The 3 C'S... Cute, casual and cozy.

 Love the colour and cut. Nice to see a coat in a colour other than black.

 Yes, Yes, Yes!

 This would require a serious spray on tan. I don't think those shoes are legal in a Canada during the winter!

Are you kidding me, this is the most perfect, perfect outfit ever.

Last, but not least the Mackage coat. 
If you are in need of a new winter coat you should check out Mackage, they have gorgeous coats and most are now on sale.

I'll be back soon. Keep well everyone. 
PS: Did you get my joke in the title of this post? (Ya, I know it's lame.)

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