Friday, February 8, 2013


Just popping in to say a quick hello to everyone, especially those of you in the north east. We have had a major dumping of snow here in the Toronto area and have spent most of the day digging out. It is 8pm and the snow plough has finally done our street which means it's time to get everyone outside to dig out that pesky pile at the end of the driveway. (Don't you hate that?)

One good thing about being stuck inside is the opportunity to get a few things done. I spent the day packing boxes for the impending move, doing laundry and I even managed to bake some chocolate chip cookies.

If you are stuck inside because of the snow and need something to do you could try baking these cupcakes. I originally saw this idea on Pinterest; it's super easy and you don't need any special decorating tools, only a heart shaped cookie cutter.

I used my favourtie chocolate cake recipe by Ina Garten that you can find here.

Trim off the top of each cupcake and cut out heart. I of course ate the hearts!

Spread with icing and then pop the top back on. Sift icing sugar on top just before serving.
(I am not big on food colouring, so I used a couple of teaspoons of strawberry jam to colour and flavour the icing.)

Keep warm everyone, I'll 'see' you on Monday.


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