Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nancy Ramirez

I am sure you have seen this photo all over the blog-o-sphere.

 For some reason I just assumed it was a vintage silk scarf that someone had framed. I saved it to my "wow that's a cool idea" file. The problem with this file is that it is massive, full to the brim with gorgeous photos of neat ideas and pretty DIY projects that I think I might need in the future. The reality is I have used very few of the ideas in this file. Do you do this? I guess it's better than hoarding cats or tin foil or used dental floss a la the show Hoarders. (that's disgusting!)

I was surprised when last week I found out that it is not a scarf but rather a print by the artist Nancy Ramirez who also by the way is from Toronto. All of her prints are available on line and are very reasonable priced. They are a great way to add colour and impact to a space on a budget. She even has a section on her website where she lists affordable options for framing and shows her work in various frames including one from a thrift store. 

This is one of my favourites, it incorporates many of the colours I am using in the new house.

For lots of inspiration and a dose of pretty check out Nancy's site.
Do you have a favourite?

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