Monday, January 21, 2013


Yesterday I spent and hour in Restoration Hardware trying to pick pulls and knobs for the kitchen and butler's pantry at the new house. If you are in the market for any hardware now is the time to get it as RH has up to 25% off until February. In total I need 45 knobs and 25 pulls so I have to definitely take advantage of this sale.
I knew I wanted one of the heavy pull styles but I wasn't keen on the square knobs that match. I have square knobs on a piece of furniture and I find that if they twist even slightly they look all wonky and I couldn't imagine keeping 31 knobs perfectly straight. (OCD issues!)

I finally decided on these...
 Strande Pull

Duluth Knob

Restoration Hardware offers a variety of finishes for its hardware. I was interested in the polished chrome and polished nickel. 

This is what the finishes look like on line...
Polished Nickel

Polished Chrome
 Just so you know (if you are ordering on line) the polished nickel isn't quite that gold./yellow in person. The best way to describe it is that the polished nickel has warm undertones and the polished chrome has cool undertones. It is easy to see when placed side by side, but if you looked at them separately it is hard to tell. Let's just say your husbands won't have a clue, kind of like the when you show them different chips of white paint!

Because I am using a chrome faucet I decided that polished chrome would be the best choice.

RH gave me loaner hardware in both finishes to take home to compare with the faucet. 
Can you see in the photo below that the small pull has a warm cast to it while the longer one is definitely cooler and matches the chrome faucet perfectly?

 I am so glad I took the time to bring samples home because in the store it was very hard to see the difference.  And as you probably know Restoration Hardware does not stock merchandise in it's Canadian stores so everything has to be ordered in from the US which is a pain for returns and for when you need something quickly, so I didn't want to screw it up!

Here is the kitchen with the arrows marking the areas I have issues with. See my original post about it here.
Can't wait to order the hardware and install it; I think when it is combined with a new back splash and lighting it's going to really change the whole look of the kitchen.

Decisions, decisions-they tire me out. Taking a sun tanning break in RH before venturing out to frigid weather!

Have a good Monday everyone!


  1. I didn't know that about the undertones - thanks!!

  2. So, do you have an update photo? would LOVE to see how it turned out with the new pulls and knobs...

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