Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today is one of those days when I just want to cruse around on the web and look at pretty pictures. Do you ever have days when you just want to sit around in your PJ's, drink coffee and read magazines all while lounging on the sofa and occasionally flipping through the channels? Yup, it's one of those days! So nothing fancy here, just a good old collection of photos that make me happy. Unfortunately the only problem with Tumblr sites is that the original source of the picture is lost. Do you Tumblr? Here's a good site to check out called Pretty Stuff. I find that it is so much easier to scroll through Tumblr blogs on my iphone or ipad rather than on my desk top.(format is more user friendly on these devices). If I am sitting around waiting for an appointment or on the train I usually pass the time by flipping though my favourites. Oh, and and another one I really like is The Glitter Guide.

So here we go...

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  1. Ah I would love a day like that! Don't think that's going to happen in a while though! And I think pretty pictures is what the internet was designed for!


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