Friday, November 23, 2012

Miami Moments

This is our last day in Miami and I am determined to spend it at a prime location near the pool. In order to secure a good location for some ray catching one must be totally ruthless. Yesterday I was a little late getting outside and all that was left was a chair in the shade near the bathroom. I only lasted about half an hour because at this time of year it is chilly without a bit of sun. So today I got up early, had breakfast with the husband before he went off to his meetings and then I did the unthinkable...I went out and threw towels and various magazines on two prime lounge chairs and then I went back to bed for an hour! I know, I am so bad.

I am off to the pool now to get a little vitamin D and hopefully I'll go home looking a little less white and fleshy!

Worlds biggest throw pillows at the Fontainebleau!

 Me on the boardwalk.

 Crazy chandelier in the hotel lobby.

 Original "Bow Tie" marble floor from the 1950's

Gorgeous Art Deco architecture.

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