Monday, September 24, 2012


Do you shop at Forever 21? Once in a while I take a quick run through my local shop to see if anything catches my eye, usually I am not successful. I find that shopping at Forever 21 takes a very discerning eye and lots of time. The other day I popped in and found this cute black and cream shift dress which reminded me so much of a dress I was interested in by Milly. I love Milly and always find something each season that works for me. See my previous Milly post here.

                                      $385.00                                                                $18.80

                          Julia Shift Dress by Milly                                       Lattice Print Shift by Forever21   
                                                                                                 in cream and black or cream and navy

I ended up buying both colours of the Forever 21 dress. I am planning on cutting the navy one off to make a blouse; thought it would be cute in the spring with white skinny jeans!

Happy Shopping!

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