Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trench Coats

Since it's the first week of spring I thought I would collect a few of my favourite trench coats. Everyone needs one good trench coat with classic lines. I like something fitted with a little added detail to jazz it up a bit. I definitely don't want to look like this...

I am thinking more along these lines....


 Price points vary greatly. With a little shopping around a great trench can be found at a good price. I'll start with the the iconic brand Burberry. The coat below is uber chic and super expensive.

Burberry Prorsum   $3,395.00 

Love the fit and the leather piping, would have to sell first born for this one.

Suzy Sheir  On sale for $35.00.
Super inexpensive, would look better with belt unbuckled and tied.

Gap  $98.00

Kate Spade Topliner Trench $695.00
This is one of my favourites. Nice details. The light colour might not be good for schlepping around on the subway, but for a dress up coat it's perfect.

 Burberry $950.00
Love this one. Practical colour, good lines and detail. I would wear this with everything in spring and fall.

 Burberry $1450.00
Good choice if you want just a touch of Burberry plaid.

Gap $89.95
Cute and casual take on a trench. 

Kate Spade Starlette Trench $658.00
Flirty hem is fun. Nice as an evening coat over a short formal dress. I have one similar that I get a lot of wear out of.

Rachel Zoe $597.00
This looks narrow and form fitting, almost like a shirt dress.

Lands' End  $160.00
Classic trench with removable liner and water-resistant fabric, perfect for travelling. Pop the colar for a dash of red.

Zara   $139.00
 Great price and design .Love it with skinnies and heals.

Zara  $99.90
I think this is an amazing trench; it's under $100.00 and it has my favourite leopard lining.

A post on trench coats would not be complete without a few shots of Kate Middleton in her Burberry.


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