Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Amsterdam Part II

One of the things I like about Amsterdam is the fact that everything is within walking distance or if it is raining a short tram ride away. I love wandering up and down the canals enjoying the gorgeous homes and flats and the lovely displays of flowers on the stoops. The outdoor space is very limited, but the residents always manage to fit in a little flower display. The Dutch also are know for their open curtain policy and large windows which is perfect for a design obsessed person like me. I saw so many nice kitchens, lots of blond or painted wood floors and cozy but minimalist interiors.

I also found myself taking lots of photos of doors, hardware and other details on the century old buildings.

 The kids enjoyed having fries and mayo almost every day!

This little Dutch girl enjoying her fries was so cute I had to take a photo.

I tried to stick to things a little more healthy to counter act all the pastries and chocolate I ate.
Big bowls of traditional Dutch pea or lentil soup are served at most cafes and they always come with a huge hunk of can really eat cheaply in Amsterdam.  This bowl of soup was 4 Euro, or about $6.00. It was so filling it kept us going for most of the day.

Utrecht is about 20 minutes south of Amsterdam. It was a little misty and overcast on this day, but we enjoyed climbing to the top of the famous Dom Tower. The tower was built in the 1300's and is the tallest church tower in The Netherlands. It still rings its bells every 15 minutes.
It was way higher than I thought! We actually climbed up a very narrow stone staircase that spiraled up inside one of the supports of the top part of the tower. We were a little dizzy and claustrophobic by the time we reached the top! 

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