Friday, December 20, 2013

Fashion Friday

This week I have been wearing a version of this outfit nearly every day. It started a couple of weeks ago when I found this amazing faux leather moto jacket at Forever 21.
It's definitely pleather and should probably be kept away from an open flame, but it is remarkably soft and very real looking. The one I got has gold zippers and a leopard lining (I love me some leopard lining!) The one that is still available online is shown with silver zippers.
It fits perfectly and..wait for was only $47.80!!
It's one of those rare instances that Forever 21 comes through. Check out your local 21, it may still be in store.

1. Hat, Nordstrom. $34.00
2.  Fake Ray Bans. Get real ones here.
3.  Cabble knit sweater, Massimo Dutti. $118.00.
4.  Infinity scarf, Nordstrom $48.00. Can not have enough scarves.
5.  Chocolate Cakes nail polish, Essie. A rich dark chocolate brown. $8.50.
6.  Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. A favourite colour of mine. $19.00.
7.  I love these boots; waterproof, super comfortable and warm. I can wear them for hours. 
     Le Canadienne Galaxy suede boot. $335.00. 
8.  I have this bracelet and get so many compliments on it. Only $22.00! At RW and Co. 
9.  The bargain of the winter! $47.80 at Forever 21.
10. On the pricy side, but so versatile because the band snaps off for easy changing. I have an older    
      model that I wear all the time with either a black or cream band. Lots of bands to collect.
      Links of London. $695.00.

It's pouring rain here and the temperatures are dropping which means either an ice storm or a wicked snow dump. I just got in the door from an epic last minute trip to Costco. I have never seen such bad traffic, EVER! The whole city is gridlocked...the combination of Friday/bad weather/last day of school and the usual last minute Christmas rush have combined to make things crazy. 
I am all ready for the storm with a kitchen full of food, presents to be wrapped and cookies to be baked.
What are you doing this weekend?

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