Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Weekend: Montreal Style

I spent the weekend in one of my favourite cities, Montreal. It was so nice to meet up with friends and revisit some of the places I use to frequent when I was a student at McGill. We were joking that it was a miracle that any of us actually graduated given that Montreal is a city full of distractions. Sometimes going to class came second to shopping, wandering the different neighborhoods looking for the perfect bagel/pain au chocolat/smoked meat sandwich, or just sitting on a patio with a bowl of cafe au lait and people watching (when in wasn't 30 below zero!).
One of the things I was reminded of on this trip was how fashionable Montreal women are. Winter is long and harsh in Montreal, and unlike in Toronto, people actually dress appropriately for the weather. I saw so many gorgeous coats; everything from furs and wool to the ever popular Canada Goose jacket. The boot situation was also nuts! I think Montreal has the worlds biggest selection of boots. Over the course of four days a friend of mine wore five different pairs!
I noticed that when the women were not fashionably bundled up against the cold the major look of the fall season is very tailored with an equestrian edge. I love everything about this look and here are a few suggestions on how to achieve it.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7

**(#5 The best leggings ever! Wearing them below with the McGill mascot.

I was really good and only bought one thing...this coat. It's down and super warm, I know because it was so cold one night I had to wear it. (I may have looked like a marshmallow, but I was warm!)

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