Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pondering Pillows

The new grey sofa needs some colour! I have been driving myself nuts searching for pillows on line; there are so, so many choices. The good thing with a neutral sofa is the ability to add virtually any accent colour or to keep it simple and monochromatic. I hope my husband isn't reading this, but I was actually thinking of having different sets of pillows for different moods. It would be so much fun to just change it up any time I felt like it. Too bad I don't have space for a "pillow and lamp" room, kind of like how candy Spelling had her "wrapping" room or massive attic. (Have you seen her attic space at her old mansion? It was a whopping 17,000 square feet!) Then I could continue with my addiction collecting without worrying where the heck I am going to store everything! And as we all know it's the pillows that really make the sofa!

 Here are a few combinations I came up with...

1-3  4  5 6?

1  2  3  4-6



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