Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Design Detail: Trunks

When I was in high school and found out that I would be going away to university the first thing I did was begin searching for a trunk. Isn't that what everyone does? Finding a new trunk, not an old smelly one, that was in my price range was not easy, but I was determined. It turned out that no one used trunks any more to travel, only super stars in bikinis like Mariah did...

I remember thinking a trunk was immensely practical. It could be used for travel, for storing things during the summer in the basement of my dorm, it could be used as a coffee table and most importantly it could be monogrammed. I finally found a trunk and as soon as I received it I whipped out some sticker letters and got busy personalizing it.
I knew that the other students would be arriving at their dorm rooms with practical Rubbermaid boxes, suitcases and of course stolen milk crates. I was the only one with a trunk! (Yes, I did my share or stealing milk crates from the back of variety stores in the middle of the night. I was very picky and only "borrowed" pink ones)
My old trunk is long gone. It turns out that hauling that thing from apartment to apartment is no fun, so one day in a fit of frustration I scraped off my monogram and hauled that sucker to Goodwill.

I've noticed that lately I have been saving quite a few images with trunks in them. (Hmm, maybe I should of kept that trunk?!)

Rue Magazine

Design Sponge

The Glitter Guide

Lonny Magazine

If you have "pretty" stuff stash it in a clear acrylic trunk from Plexicraft.

Twenty 7 Design

Kate Jackson Design

Dayna Katlin Interiors

London Luggage sells trunks in a variety of sizes and colours.

How fun is this pink one? If I was going away to university now, I would definitely pick this one!

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. oh my gosh, I love trunks also. I started college in 2000 and my father found me a trunk from bed bath and beyond with wheels on one side. WOW, it made it SO much more easy to move. I still have it and I still use to store and for awhile there, it was my coffee table after I got married and we had no money. Trunks are the best.

    1. I agree! What do you think of the acrylic one? Wouldn't it be great filled with stuffed animals in a play room or I would love it to hold my vast magazine collection.:)

    2. I love the acrylic one, I have actually never seen one like that before. I'm definitely of a messy/hide my mess type person so I'm not sure it would work for me!

  2. I love trunks like this being used as furniture. After reading this post I really feel like a need a trunk now!


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