Monday, April 15, 2013


** This post is for Cindy and Erinn...thanks for checking in on me!

Hello everyone, sorry for the major lack of posts over the last few weeks, but this moving thing was a lot more work than I thought it would be. I am sure most of you understand what I am talking about. We have managed to unpack almost everything and we feel pretty settled, but there is still tons to do. The good news is that the basement reno is almost done, only doors and touch-ups need to be completed. I am also really excited because the living room and dining room are empty!!--this means I get to buy all new furniture. Will be spending some time searching for what I need and trying to remain on budget. (So difficult to find dining room furniture that's not the price of a car!)
We are off to LA early tomorrow morning (husbands work trip) and I still have lots of stuff to do so I thought I would make this post simple by giving you a photo tour of whats been happening around here.

Here we go....
 Love the tile floor in the master bath.

 Family room before. After pics coming soon.

 Kitchen on move in day. I have since removed the black light fixtures and black faucet and replaced stove.

 Why are window treatments sooo expensive? Need to decide on something ASAP. 


 Paint chips are my BFF. I spend more time with them then people. And don't even get me started on the difficulty with grey...the undertones are killing me!

 Scored this console at Homesense. Playing around with styling it.

 More chips and fabric decisions.

 "Welcome to Your New Home" flowers from friends.

 A small selection of my lamp collection. I just can't help myself! (I am not normal)

 New kitchen table. I am really liking the grey stain and the fact we can fit six around it. (Can be custom made in any size and finish)

This is the hardware that is throughout the house. I am not in love with it, but decided for simplicity that I would continue with it on the new doors in the basement--that is until I found out that it is $280.00 a handle! What, are you kidding me? Found something I like at Home Depot for only $40.00 a handle and I think I actually like it better.

 This is the sofa I originally fell in love with for the living room. It's gorgeous, but I chickened out because I  was afraid the fabric was too light. 

Ordered this charcoal velvet sofa from Elte instead. Can't wait for it to arrive. Yes, I put that pink pillow there. Just seeing what a pop of pink would look like. Husband and boys are in for a surprise.

While I was at Elte I also found this dining room table. I loved the wood top and I like the chrome base, but
 I am not sure if the base will date? Is it too trendy? The chairs were pretty awesome too.

 The reno begins.

 Paint is tricky in a basement. Tried a number of colours before deciding on Balboa Mist. (On right)

 Hoping this gas fireplace will keep the basement toasty. I find basements are always chilly.

 Someone needs to invent dust free dry walling. I can't tell you how many times I've vacuumed and mopped this floor. I am liking the hand scraped boards; they will hide any scratches of dents.

Cheap and cheerful basement bathroom. Vanity and hex marble from Lowes.

 We have serious cord problems in this family. All I want to do is watch fricking TV. It has been a huge deal setting up internet and cable TV. Remember the good old days when you just plugged in the TV and it worked? 

 This 16 foot vintage canoe will not fit in the garage. Wanna buy it? It's cheap!

 I found this great grey sisal that I am having made into mats for the front and back door.

Oh, and I've taken up crocheting to calm my nerves. Only problem is the scarf I am making is all wonky and kinda of looks like crap and that stresses me.

That's all folks. I'll try and blog in LA. Does any one out there use Blogger on their Ipad? Is there an easy way to load photos with captions?


  1. Thanks for the sneak peek! Fun! I'm semi-interested in the canoe. What is cheap?

  2. I was wondering where you were too! Haha.
    I know you don't like everything about the kitchen but I still LOVE it!

  3. Oh wow, looks like your new house is amazing!


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