Monday, February 4, 2013

Toronto Tip

How was your weekend?

If you ever find yourself in Toronto on a Saturday or Sunday morning I suggest you have brunch at 

It is the best place for a big o' breakfast of all the good stuff like eggs, waffles and sausage. They are also famous for their "eye-opening" Caesar which I have been told cures a wicked hangover. It seems to me like putting more "fuel on the fire" so to speak, but I have a very reliable source who swears it works!

My all time favourite at the Drake is the Warm Scone Share Plate. The fresh made blueberry scones come with cream and jam and are crispy on the outside with a fluffy center.

I like to call them a "brunch appetizer"!!


 After you've had your apps and coffee it's time for the "fry up". (I stole that term from Coronation Street)

Maybe a Mimosa or a glass of Prosecco? Oh, and the coffee is good too.


 The Drake has a revolving series of props, decor and art.

It's only Monday, but I am already dreaming of next Sunday and those scones!!



  1. They look delicious! I love the idea of a scone share plate.

  2. It looks like a great place to have breakfast. And isn't helping me with my Toronto nostalgia. Really missing the place at the moment even though it's been years since I lived there.
    Oh and love the fact that you stole the term "fry up" from Coronation Street. What's a fry up in Canada called then?


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