Monday, February 18, 2013

Designer Rosa Beltran

Rosa Beltran is an interior designer living in Los Angeles. She has created the most amazing home office in her garage. I am really impressed by her ingenuity and her impeccable style. I would give anything for my own office (I might as well admit it right now that I would so copy Rosa's pink inspirations boards for the walls!), unfortunately my garage here in the north east, is full of snow shovels, skis and frozen garbage!

What I love about Rosa, is her ability to produce spaces that look like they have been carefully collected over time. She is a master at incorporating vintage and high/low finds in the perfect combinations so that the rooms are warm and inviting, but are in no way contrived or over done.

Please take a look at her at her lovely office, as well as a few photos of her design work.



Rosa's design work...

I think one of the reasons I love Rosa's designs so much is that we have very similar styles. Take a look at my master bedroom below, it's very similar to Rosa's above. (I still like this so much that I am going to repeat the whole thing again in the new house.)

 This dresser is amazing.

 Rosa created this Agate wall herself by sticking up marbled paper she bought at a local art shop. So cool!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the love! I'm so happy you like my design studio space and my work. Fun blog you have, too.

    All the best!


  2. Great, honest review! I really like all the things you have added in this blog! Thanks

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  4. The bedroom decoration is outstanding. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog.


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