Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Ready

It seems that the Christmas season comes earlier and earlier each year. The minute Halloween is over the stores have Christmas decorations and Christmas merchandise everywhere; it really is a bit much. I usually don't put up the tree until December 1st at the earliest so that we have time to enjoy the festive season without it dragging on to the point where I just can't stand the clutter anymore. Does this ever happen to you? The last few holiday seasons I've tried hard to keep it simple and more meaningful. Part of my plan is to get organized early so that during the last few weeks before Christmas I can relax and enjoy the festivities.

 This year the kids are only getting a few gifts each. They have pretty well everything they need or want and the thought of buying just for the sake of buying drives me nuts! There are so many other ways to celebrate the season without the piles of presents. In the past we have gone away together on family vacations to a tropical destination or to the US skiing. Other years we have got tickets for a play or show and have spent a few nights in the city. This year we are staying home for Christmas Day, but we are hoping to get away for a couple of days between the 25th and New Years.

To help you get in the mood for some pre-Christmas planning all this week I am going to show you a few interesting things that I have gathered. I love personalized gifts and now is the time to get your orders in before the rush.

I think for the little kids on your list this personalized neighborhood play map would be awesome. What a great way to teach a child directions and the names of the streets around his or her house. You can order this from the Etsy shop Boardstiff.

For big kids or teenagers (or even adults) I  love these personalized toy portraits. How great would it be to receive an original piece of art depicting a beloved childhood stuffed animal or toy? See other examples at Jen Maher's Etsy shop called JenHaley.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Oh WOW!!! I love that neighbourhood playmat. I reeeeeallly want one now!!!


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