Thursday, October 4, 2012

Window Treatment Dilemma

Here is the issue I was talking about yesterday that I need your opinion on. I would like to remove the blinds and do a fabric window treatment of some type but I am stumped by the big difference in window styles and sizes. I would love to do side panels lined with black out fabric on the large window, probably installed right up at the ceiling so that stupid curved window can be covered for light control.
But... here is the problem...
                       What do I do on that little window?
Normally in a room with two windows it is wise to do the same window coverings, but there is no way I can put up side panels on that dinky window.

Should I scrap the idea of panels and do Romans on both windows?

Could the Roman be installed  to cover the curved window so that it is not visible from inside? Like this...

Imagine these are Romans in the open position.
 Please let me know what you think! Are there any other options?

Before I decided on the pink pillows I had ordered these fabric samples from Tonic Living. I like the grey trellis patterned and think it would make very pretty curtains of some type.

 The scale of the pattern is perfect for combining with the other patterns in the room.

 Thanks for your help.
 Have a wonderful day!

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