Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Cute

Have you seen little Scarlet's bedroom reveal over on Christine's lovely blog called Bijou and Boheme?

People ask me all the time why I read blogs and this is a good example of why I indulge in my vice at least for a few minutes everyday--who I am I kidding?--to be perfectly honest some days it's more like a couple of hours! This may sound super shallow, but I just can't get enough of pretty images. Blogs and magazines just make me happy. In a house of 4 boys it is nice to escape to "girl world" (as my husband calls it) and soak in all things pink and sparkly.

I will never have a little girl and probably will never be brave enough to wallpaper a whole room in gold floral paper but man I love seeing all this loveliness in someone else's home! Christine did a super job pulling this room together using a mix of high end pieces, vintage and even Ikea.

My favourite piece in the room is this vintage loveseat, love the pop of pink!

And on a related topic... found this image on Tumblr and thought the wallpaper/stencil detail behind the bed was a great idea especially if you have a wallpaper in mind that is really expensive (have you seen the cost of some papers?!) or if you want just a little hit of pattern. I have never been a big fan of feature walls, but I think this works perfectly for the toddler set.

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  1. These rooms are really cute. I wish I was adventurous enough to try wallpaper like this! Perhaps something like this in my daughter's room.


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