Monday, October 15, 2012

Marlien Rentmeester: House Tour

Happy Monday readers! I hope you all had a fun and restful weekend.

This morning I thought I would show you the home of Marlien Rentmeester who is the West Coast Editor of Lucky magazine.
What I loved about this collection of photos is the natural and un-staged view it shows of Marlien's home. You can tell that she lives with the things she loves and uses. Not every book on her shelves is placed perfectly and the flowers throughout the house look casual, not arranged by a florist. Notice she even has a telephone beside her bed-usually a no no for interior photo shoots.
 She has mixed vintage, antique and new pieces with a nice mix of fresh colours to create a comfortable and personal home.

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  1. Oh I love so much how all the books are stored and displayed. I wish I had more space for bookshelves at home.


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