Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blog Shopping

Every once in a while I treat myself to something I see being sold by blogs I read. It is amazing what people come up with; there is so much creativity and talent out there. I have followed Leah at The Way We Are for a while now and really enjoy her blog. When I saw the jewelery she is selling through her site I knew I needed to add a few pieces to my collection.

Here is an example of what she sells...

 I went for the classic black and gold bracelet, but I think the coloured links are a great way to add a punch of colour to your wardrobe, especially for summer.
 I paired it with my gold watch and a gold bracelet that I inherited from my grandmother. (I love the little sombrero charm).

I also ordered a matching necklace. Most larger necklaces give me a head ache, this one is nice and light.

If you have a chance check out Leah's blog and shop.

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