Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Royal Jubilee

The Queen is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee commemorating 60 years on the throne. 


I was watching the coverage on TV and it looked like the Brits were have a great time in spite of the typical English rain. If we had a four day weekend here in Canada, (we should have-we are part of the Commonwealth after all!) I would hop on a plane for a little London action.
To keep dry I would wear this Ignite jacket by Barbour.

My nails would sparkle with this polish inspired by the Union Jack.

I would ask Chuck and Cam for a slice of that cake!

I might buy this pillow by Jan Constantine.

I would definitely eat yummy British sweets.

Not too many though I might run into my friends and they might invite me over for tea.
Or maybe they would ask me out for a night on the town and we would drink lots of these...
Shaken not stirred!

We might get a little tipsy and ride around in these...

Or better yet hail one of these...

And then I would write all about it in my Smythson Bijou organizer.

That I bought on the high street, of course ! !

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  1. What a great dream post! A day like that would be fun for sure.


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