Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Place Settings

I have collected quite a few dishes, glassware and silver over the years. The one thing I was missing was a set of white plates to mix in with all the pattern ones I have accumulated.
About a year ago I bought the Halo set from Crate and Barrel for the city condo,  I am happy with them so I thought I would also purchase a set of dinner plates for use at home.
They are a nice crisp white with a band detail. The other thing I really like about them is that the dinner plate is not too big. Have you noticed that plates are getting bigger and bigger? Probably something to do with super sized portions. Also I have learned to only buy bone china, anything else chips too easily.

I was over at the Every Girl blog today and I found a few really pretty photos of place settings that I thought I would share with you.

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  1. The Halo dishes have been discontinued and are no where to be found for sale. If you have an incomplete set and are willing to part with pieces, I am interested in buying them. My contact information is estherpepin@gmail.com


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