Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lara Spencer

Did you see Lara Spencer on the Nate Berkus show yesterday? If you didn't get a chance to see it you can view it here. What I enjoy about her is that she is so excited about design and that she isn't in the least bit embarrassed about the fact she dumpster dives or frequents thrift shops. I can really relate to the thrill she gets from finding a dusty old jem  for a song and then dragging it home for a little TLC.

I love what she did to this old dresser.

Sorry, it's not a great photo. (I had to take it from the video.)

Can you believe the pulls on the dresser? I like that she chose to gold leaf them. She also thrifted the chairs and the mirror. I recently purchased Lara's new book in which she explains how to get "blue-blood style on a blue-collar budget". It's full of great photos of her secondhand finds, complete with the prices she paid and after photos of the reinvented pieces. I just finished reading it and now I am all fired up to hit a few thrift/consignment shops this weekend and hopefully find something amazing.

 I hope she was wearing underware in this photo!

She says in the book that even her dogs are second hand from a rescue shelter!

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