Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Small and Stylish

Have you seen this small house featured in the March Style at Home magazine? I love the fresh, modern take on a traditional city home.

Toronto is full of this style of house. They are usually made up of a front porch and then the living room, dining room and a small kitchen all in a row. Upstairs has either 2 or 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Most homes this style are no more than 15 feet wide.

We use to live in one that had 3 bedrooms and was only 13 feet wide, basically an apartment with the bonus of a postage stamp yard. I loved that house; it was so petite it didn't take much to decorate and I could clean it from top to bottom in half an hour!

Cool turquoise mixed with warmer shades of yellow and touches of brass make the living room cozy.

 This is my favourite room. I like the eclectic mix of furniture; an antique table, painted chairs
 and a modern buffet. Love the over-dyed rug.

Interesting hardware on an Ikea wardrobe system.

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