Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Means War

On Saturday night I saw the movie This Means War starring Reece Witherspoon. It has been receiving mixed revues. On various movie review sights it has been described as a movie with a trio of pretty actors trapped in a romantic comedy that boarders on cheesy.
I found it to be light and entertaining and the fact that Reese has a killer look in it was enough to satisfy me on a cold evening when I had nothing better to do. In most scenes Reese is wearing super high heels, super tight dresses, (according to my husband) and is generally looking gorgeous. (husband said "HOT") I would love to know where they got her wardrobe from.  Chelsea Handler plays Reeces best friend and provides some very funny scenes. If you like Reese and love fashion you should see this movie. (The man eye candy isn't bad, either!!)

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