Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When in New York City


The Greek key motif has been popular in design for a while now. I have seen it used in many different applications and for some reason never tire of it. I think it's the classic graphic nature of the design that is so timeless. One of the best places for a huge selection of Greek key trim is at M & J Trimmings in New York City. On my last trip there I came home with a bag of trims, grosgrain ribbons, bamboo rings and leather strapping. I've only had a chance to use a bit of the trim. (Is hoarding pretty things an illness?)

Here is a pillow I made out of velvet in a grey/beige colour that works beautifully in the master bedroom at the condo.

Next time you are in New York check out M & J Trimming, it's the perfect spot to spend some time especially if it's raining.





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